Constructive Alignment – en tankemodell för undervisning i informationskompetens

Henrik Schmidt


Constructive Alignment for education in information literacy

This article describes the educational development of a 1 credit course in information literacy at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm for post-graduate students who were beginning research in the field of nursing care. The concept of Constructive Alignment was used in course design and post-course evaluation and the hierarchical SOLO taxonomy was applied in the formulation and assessment of learning outcomes. The results indicate that the participants had probably reached higher levels of learning according to the taxonomy and therefore, educational intentions seem to have been achieved. Participants were generally pleased with the course. Teachers found the educational control gained through the use of Constructive Alignment, SOLO and relevant learning activities highly satisfactory. However, they experienced difficulty in objectively and systematically grading the examination responses with regard to the taxonomy of learning outcomes. Questions concerning the strategic development of research library educational activities are also raised in the article.